Harmonize Your Home – A Month of Decluttering

Intentionally Refining Your Home with Taryn

We’re beginning a new month and a new decluttering challenge on the Intentionally Refining Your Home Facebook page. If you are interested in joining us for inspiration and encouragement to refresh, reorganize and reveal your home, then follow this link: Intentionally Refining Your Home with Taryn.

Here’s to Harmonizing!

~Helping You to Become Better Today Than Yesterday – and Better Tomorrow Than Today~

Becoming a Better You

How To Develop Your Skills, Influence Positively & Change Your Thinking

Have you ever wondered why some people are so talented? What is it that gave them their extreme abilities? Were they just born with lucky genes?

Genes do play a part in it, but for the most part, luck has nothing to do with it. It turns out, talent, whether you’re talking about writing, playing the piano, or hitting a golf ball, is the result of one thing. Effort. Not just normal, every day effort. Extreme effort.

Why You Need a Friend and Not a Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are all the rage right now. The awesome gadget allows you to attach your phone to a telescopic tube. When you extend the tube your phone will be several feet away from you, and it will completely remove your forearm from all of your selfies. What an novel idea!

In full disclosure, Taryn and I own a selfie stick, but we aren’t fans because using a selfie stick isn’t worth the things you give up by not using a selfie stick. Here’s a short list that compares the contrast between using a selfie stick and not using a selfie stick:

Remembering 9/11

And a Random Act of Kindness

Today is Sept. 11th.
We all remember what happened this day in 2001, even those that live outside of the United States. The world changed that day.

I offer a challenge to you today. It is simple, but two-fold.

Accountability Partners

Why They Don't Work and What We Should Really Call Them

Accountability partners and accountability groups seem to be pretty popular these days. You decide that you want to commit to changing something about yourself. Maybe you want to exercise every day. You know it will be hard to keep your commitment, so you ask someone to help you and coach you to keep that commitment.

My wife, Taryn, and I have been a part of these types of groups. They sound noble on the surface, but, speaking from experience, here’s why I think accountability partners don’t work.

Fulfill Your Potential by Changing This One Thing

Mindset is an interesting phenomenon. There are countless articles and bits of research that discuss the relationship between how we view ourselves, the opportunities around us, our potential and the quality of our thoughts, psychology, and ultimately our lives as a whole.

A Professor of Psychology at Stanford, Carol Dweck, in her book “Mindset”, said,
“For twenty years, my research has shown that the view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life. It can determine whether you become the person you want to be and whether you commit to and accomplish the things you value. How does this happen? How can a simple belief have the power to transform your psychology and, as a result, your life?”

3 Truths You Will Learn from Traveling

It started as a casual conversation a few years ago between my husband, Troy, and me. How do you best celebrate a milestone birthday? For me, I knew I wanted to travel. “Let’s go to Paris!” I said, almost as a joke.

Troy didn’t take it as a joke. So, off and on for those few years, we would briefly bring it up and dream about how it would be.

How to Win The Battle Within

Part of the human condition is the internal battle between good and evil. Most people truly desire to be good, to have no evil within them, but most people (dare I say all) don’t always win the battle. Though we strive to be good, sometimes evil wins the battle.

The Apostle Paul admitted that he struggled with this battle in Romans 7: 15-24. If the Apostle Paul struggled with the internal battle, what makes us think we won’t struggle with it? And, more to the point, how do we win the battle within?