14 Days of Connecting With Your Spouse – Day 11

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. was a 19th century American physician, poet, professor, lecturer, and author based in Boston.

Playing old

In one of his writings, he said, “We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing.”

There is something about play that brings out the child in us, the child that never leaves us but is so often pushed away into the far reaches of our being. We trod on through life being “mature” never letting our child out.

We let it happen because other people would ridicule or laugh at us if we are childlike. But don’t you miss being a child? Don’t you wish you could be a child once in a while and just play?

Day 11 Challenge – Play Together

Remember all of those times as a child that you had someone to play with? Remember the fun you had? Do you realize you still have someone to play with? No one is better suited than your spouse.

Your challenge for Day 11 is to spend time playing together. You can choose anything you want. The only requirement is it has to be play. It has to bring you joy and a smile to your face.

Here are a few options:

  • Play a video game together
  • Play a board game together
  • Play cards together – even something silly like Slap Jack
  • Make something together
  • Go sledding

Be silly together, smile together, enjoy each other.

For the Overachievers

Try something completely new, something that you will most likely fail at. Laugh at the struggle and failure of learning something new. Need a suggestion? Learn to juggle together.

No excuses! Embrace the struggle and failure that will happen, and focus on enjoying the time together.

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