14 Days of Connecting With Your Spouse – Day 14

This is it, the last challenge of 14 Days of Connecting With Your Spouse. And you know we saved the best for last. You’ve probably been expecting this one.

Did you know that happier couples sleep naked? Wait! Don’t click close. I’m serious. Authors Chrisanna Northrup and Pepper Schwartz surveyed almost 100,000 couples and found that the happiest couples sleep in the nude, trust each other, and have sex three to four times a week.

Here’s a Today Show interview with them and here’s their book.

Day 14 Challenge – Sleep Naked!

Why not!? Your challenge for tomorrow is sleep in the nude. No excuses about it being cold! There will be a warm naked body right next to you!

These past two weeks have been all about connecting and touching is a great way to do that. One of our basic human needs is to be touched. Go all out and touch naked.

For The Overachievers

You already know what I’m going to say. Yes, go all the way. It’s no secret that one of the best ways, if not the best way, to connect with your spouse is to be intimate together.

For the man and the woman, connection is a big part of sex, but they approach connection and sex from different angles.

  • Men have sex to feel connected.
  • Women have sex when they feel connected.

(Men you can take that as a hint – make her feel connected and she may be in the mood more often.)

You’ve worked on building your connection with your spouse for two weeks. Finish it off with a grand finale.

Good luck! (Not that you need it.)

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