14 Days of Connecting With Your Spouse – Day 7

It may have been a while because of our email-based world, but do you remember how you feel when you get something in the mail – not the junk mail, but something from a friend?

Post it

You’re excited. You’re intrigued. You’re wondering what’s inside. Studies have shown we get a small endorphin rush when we receive an email or get a notification on our phones. The endorphin rush has to be even bigger for a tangible piece of mail.

How do you think your spouse will feel if he / she gets several notes throughout the day – a consistent endorphin rush throughout the day caused by his / her spouse?

Day 7 Challenge – Leave a Note

Your challenge for Day 7 is to leave your spouse several notes to find throughout the day. Grab a pad of post it notes and write down 3, 5, 10 short notes:

  • I love you
  • You’re beautiful / handsome
  • I’m thankful for you
  • I can wait to be with you tonight
  • I really appreciate….

Next, strategically place them in areas he or she will find them throughout the day:

  • Bathroom mirror
  • Lunch box
  • Computer
  • Car
  • Bag / purse
  • Door

It’s ok that you both know this is going to happen. If a friend tells you, “You should be receiving something in the mail from me tomorrow.” doesn’t it make you more excited?

At the end of the day, make sure you thank each other. And tell each other which note was your favorite and why.

For The Overachievers

Make a plan to do something together the evening after you place the notes – you take that any way you’d like. Then make your notes all relate to the evening ahead. Mention what you’re looking forward to. Mention specific things you want to do. Build excitement about the evening to come.

Have fun with it, brighten your spouse’s day. Your spouse will be thinking about you, and getting an endorphin rush all day!

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