14 Days of Connecting With Your Spouse – Day 9

Think back to when you and your spouse were dating. Do you remember the feelings you had, the butterflies in your stomach, how much you wanted to be together?

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Those feelings don’t last too long into most marriages. Work, kids, and life in general take over. The marriage tends to get pushed down the priority list. Unfortunately for many, that’s the beginning of the end of the marriage.

But not you. By signing up for this challenge and working on the challenges, you’ve already shown that you’re willing to work on your marriage, you’re willing to make sure it gets pushed up the priority list.

Tomorrow’s challenge is meant to help you do just that.

Day 9 Challenge – Recreate a Date

Your challenge for Day 9 is to spend some time reminiscing with your spouse about the period of time you were dating. Remember all of the fun times you had.

Then, pick one of those fun times, the one that had the most impact, the one that you remember most, or your first date and recreate that date.

For The Overachievers

I realize some people may not be able to exactly replicate that date. That’s ok. Do your best. But for those that can, recreate that date down to the finest detail. Wear the same thing, go to the same place, eat the same thing.

Have fun with the challenge. Do your best with it. This challenge isn’t about the date. It’s about remembering those feelings, how much you enjoy being together, and encouraging you to consistently schedule dates together.

Before you finish, make sure you schedule the next date!

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