Be A Human Being Not A Human Doing

As we are growing up we are taught that we need to do a bunch of “tasks” so that we can have a bunch of “things” and eventually become “someone”.

Human Being

For example – You need to go to school, get good grades, get into a great college, so you can get a great paying job. When you get that job, you can buy a big house and fancy cars. Then people will know you have become someone.

What would happen if we completely reversed that teaching? What would happen in your life and if, before anything else, you decided to just be? What would happen if you fully grasped that you don’t need to do or have anything to be? What if you spent more time being a human being than a human doing?

Unlike any other species on this planet, human beings have emotions and one of the greatest emotions comes from the joy of sharing experiences throughout life. We get joy just from being.

The more we can spend time being a human, the more we realize how much we already have. The more we spend time enjoying those moments, the more we realize that we don’t need to have things or do something special to have great experiences and a wonderful life.

Then after we realize that, we already are someone – and after we realize that what we already have in the experiences of life is all we need, we can decide to do whatever it is we’d like.

Go be a human being today because you already are someone.

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