I Hold On to the Things I Believe In

I have very eclectic taste in music. At any given moment, my iTunes Radio can go from “Pure Pop” and “The 56th Annual
Grammy Awards” to a throwback of New Kids on the Block, Paula Abdul, Madonna or some Lionel Richie. But I always come back to Country Music. Always.

As I was wrapping up my workout this morning, a really great cool-down song came on. It’s called “I Hold On” by Dierks Bentley. Maybe it was because it was the end of the workout; maybe it was just my mood today, but I took off down this train-of-thought.

The song goes:

So I hold on.
To the things, I believe in
My faith, your love, our freedom
To the things I can count on
To keep me going strong
Yeah, I hold on, I hold on.

To hear this song, click here.

I hold on. I hold on everyday to the things I believe in.

My faith. It’s always been there as long as I remember. I didn’t grow up in a church. But even as a kid, I knew God was real and was there. What do you believe? Do you have something bigger than you to hold on to and believe in?

Your love. Well, not your love. But his love. Whether I am on top of the world and overjoyed with a personal goal or spiraling out of control with tears streaming., his love is something I believe in. It keeps me going strong. Do you have this kind of relationship with your “person”?

My freedom. I have the freedom everyday to make choices, set goals and live my life the way I choose. No limitations. I am choosing to live my life big. I’m creating my own happiness by surrounding myself with positive people. I’m creating the body I want to live out the rest of my 100 years with by kicking my own butt exercising and eating foods that encourage health, not destroy it. What are you doing with your freedom?

Consider these things. They are gifts. Hold on to them. They will keep you going strong.

What do you hold on to?

Please take a minute to consider the questions asked in this blog post and comment below.

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