I’m Not that Different from Josh Duggar

I’m not that different from Josh Duggar.
I’m married. I have a family. I believe in God, practice my faith and share it – just like him. Friends and family have supported me in my beliefs, decisions and life choices. They have also criticized me for them – just like him.

Josh came forward this week announcing his infidelity to his wife, his addiction to pornography and his hypocrisy. He’s admitted he has done wrong. He’s a sinner.

Society and the media have grabbed hold of his story and begun sensationalizing it. The wrong that Josh Duggar has done was all over every news and social media site this week. His wrongdoings are laid out all over America’s dinner table, as we sit back and tear him apart, judging him and discussing how horrible and messed up he is.

I’m not taking his side, however. What he did was really wrong. Really, really wrong.

Josh messed up. He messed up big time. But so does everyone else, including me. The unfortunate thing is that everyone else wants to tear him down. Tearing him down is justified because I would never do anything that bad. Would I?

I’ve done a lot of wrong too. I’ve lied to my family before. I’ve come a little too close to that line I shouldn’t cross with male friends. I’ve kept secrets. I’ve been a disappointment to my family and to myself. The small little difference here is that my life is not as public as Josh Duggar’s.

Everybody is flawed.

Everybody sins.

Some of us just aren’t in the spotlight to be torn down.

Society and the media don’t care if Taryn (a Christian woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece and friend) commits adultery or lies to her family. It’s not newsworthy. It doesn’t sell.

So I say this not only to myself, but to you…Stop. Stop fanning the flame. Stop judging a person who has done wrong, just as I have. Have enough humility to realize that if it were me in the spotlight, I’d already know how wrong I was and how much hurt I’d caused my family.

I am thankful for grace and forgiveness – and the ability to CHANGE. I have the potential to change my mindset and to become better today than I was yesterday.

“God, I ask you to help me decipher between the right and the wrong choices that are laid out in front of me. I ask for your guidance to seek love and contentment in my own marriage. I ask for forgiveness in whatever I have done wrong and to offer forgiveness for the wrong that has been done to me. I never will be perfect. I can only work to change myself so that I am more loving, patient, content and forgiving within my own marriage. Thank you for your grace. I, like Paul, am the chief sinner.”

And I’m not that different from Josh Duggar.

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