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Thank you so much for visiting Intentionally Refined!  We are really excited about the launch of our new website and blog and we’re grateful that you took the time to see what it’s all about.

Improve You. Improve Your Marriage. Self-Improvement for you and your marriage. Intentionally Refined

Intentionally Refined is a blog / website about helping you, your marriage, your relationships, and more.  It’s about helping you become refined…intentionally. This blog is inspired by a strong desire to impact people in a positive way.  Our world, especially our social media world, has become increasingly negative.  We hope to be a positive light shining through all of the dark noise out there.

As a starting point for this website, our goal is to post at least 2-3 new blogs per week.

Our main goal is to encourage you in your marriage. We have a strong passion to support and encourage strong marriages. But we believe that a strong marriage starts with a strong you.  The better you are as a person the better your marriage will be.

Think of the difference between one marriage where the two people contributing to the marriage have very low self-esteem and no direction in life and another marriage where two people have a high self-esteem and know their purpose in life.  Which marriage do you think will be stronger?

What you get out of your marriage is a product of what you put into your marriage.  That’s the reason we will talk about many subjects that may not be specifically about marriage.

The blog posts will focus on 5 key categories:

  1. Self-Improvement / You. This category will receive a lot of attention and will also be the most diverse. We will discuss your psychology, your mind, how you interact with others, and generally how to improve yourself.  We will encourage you, challenge you to think critically about yourself, and even confront you.  We intend to be a positive influence in helping you intentionally refine yourself.
  2. Your marriage. Or your future marriage if you are not yet married.  We are not marriage experts or marriage counselors, but we do think we can have a positive influence on your marriage.  We don’t believe we’re being presumptuous in saying that.  We can all use help and encouragement to improve our marriage can’t we?Sometimes we just need a little encouragement.  We’ve already helped friends in their marriages.  And we don’t believe that you need a license or degree to support and encourage someone.  Just like we’ve done with our friends, we will offer you encouragement and challenge you to grow closer to your spouse and improve your marriage.
  3. Productivity. We believe that increasing your productivity and your efficiency will help you be a better you, be a better spouse, be a better parent, and be a better friend.  We will discuss ways to get more things done, new technologies and how to incorporate them into your life, and even how to step away from technology to ‘just breathe’ for a while.
  4. Goal Planning. We believe in dreaming big and setting specific goals.  There is a ton of information out there on goal setting, but we don’t think this site would be complete without encouraging you to plan out your days, weeks, months, years and life.  We intend to do just that in our own unique way.
  5. Health. If we are going to improve ourselves, one area we need to focus on is our health.  The better we treat ourselves from a diet and exercise standpoint, the better chance we have of continually improving ourselves.  The healthier we are, the more energy we have. When we have more energy, we can work more on ourselves. We will offer many tips, recipes, and advice that will help you optimize your health which will ultimately lead to a better you.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, but are confident that, like most people, you won’t visit the site enough, simply subscribe to the blog using that little form on the right.  The only thing signing up will do, is send each blog post to your email inbox. You can unsubscribe any time you’d like.

As we add new blog posts, we hope you’ll join in the discussion using the comments section, Facebook, and Twitter.  We believe that a large, supportive community here will have much more impact than just the two of us writing about our thoughts.

In addition, your comments and feedback will help us develop the content of the website into something more applicable to you. Finally, if you have any suggestions for how we can make this website better for you, please leave a comment under our Suggestions blog post.

As the website and the community grow we will add more and more content.  With your support it will become more and more focused on what you are looking for.  We are planning on adding videos, a podcast, ebooks, downloadable content, links to products you may find beneficial, and even a store. While we hope to profit from this website someday, that’s not the goal.  As we said earlier, our goal is to help you – to have a positive impact on your life.  Profit will just be a product of that impact.  If you would like to support us in this effort, you can do so in 3 ways:

  1. Participate. We can’t stress enough how critical we believe it is that we have a community here that participates in the conversation.
  2. Give us feedback. We will be doing the best we can, but we won’t know how we’re doing unless you let us know.  If we’re doing good, please let us know.  More importantly, if we should be doing something better, please let us know.  You can make a comment under our Suggestions blog post, you can post on our Facebook page, you can tweet us, or you can email us – but the previous methods will be more efficient.
  3. Share.  The only way for this website and community to grow is for you to share it with others. If you find something on the site that you like, that inspires you, or that you think someone else may appreciate please share it.  There are share links on all of the blog posts as well as email links.

Thank you again for taking a look at our website.  We hope you’ll subscribe and we hope to ‘see’ you around.

Better today than yesterday – Better tomorrow than today

-Troy and Taryn


What do you think about our site? We REALLY want your comments and feedback, both positive and otherwise! So please comment to us below or on this page. You can also leave us feedback on our Facebook and/or Twitter pages! Thank you!

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