Your Marriage Needs Your Effort – It’s Not Perpetual

Making something perpetual isn’t the goal… When we make, create, or build things such as businesses, relationships, marriages, structures, etc… our tendency is to want them to be perpetual.

Work on your marriage

We want to build them to the point where we know they are “set” – to the point where we don’t have to take care of them anymore.

You can really see this in the business world. When individuals set out to build a business, a typical goal, even if unspoken, is to create so much stability in the business that he / she doesn’t have to worry about it any more.

If they can get to a certain number of clients, a certain amount of money, enough people working for them they feel secure. They feel like they don’t have to work at it anymore. They assume that it will continue on it’s own perpetually.

Unfortunately, that point is usually the beginning of the end. As soon as we stop working on building and growing the business, the business starts to suffer.

You’re either working on building, climbing higher and higher, or you’re coasting. And the only way you can coast is downhill.

I think that’s easy to see and understand in the business world. But why is it that we don’t see that in our marriages? Why is it that more often than not, as soon as we’ve said our vows, we think we’ve arrived and we don’t have to work at it?

Maybe it’s at the 5 year mark or the 10 year mark. Whatever the case, we get to the point in our marriages where we think, “I don’t have to work at this anymore” or “I shouldn’t have to work at this anymore. Why is it so hard?”

It’s hard because it’s worth doing. It’s hard because the best and most rewarding things in life take effort. No matter what you do, keep making the effort. Don’t coast. Especially in your marriage.

P.S. You might also look up 1 Corinthians 10:12.

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