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Day 8 – R U IR? July Productivity Challenge

Your productivity skyrockets when you write things down. Make a list, time it out if necessary, and follow it. You’ll be amazed at how much you accomplish.
This is my morning routine for TOMORROW. I’ve written it out today so that I know what to expect. I have a plan that I am going to work. The plan will not work me.

We love to use Hal Elrod’s “Life SAVERS” as part of our morning routine. These SAVERS can take 60 minutes or 6 minutes. You make your plan and work it.  You can read more about these SAVERS and ways to develop and fine-tune your morning routine here.

We’d love to see your plan for your morning routine. How are you doing developing one and fine-tuning it? Share it with us here!
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Day 6: R U IR? July Diet Challenge

R U IR? July Diet Challenge
Increase Your Fruit & Vegetable Servings

Need Ideas? Click here.
Share with us how you’re doing!

Day 6 – R U IR? July Fitness Challenge

What a surprise to walk into my exercise class this morning and find that we were doing wall squats! We upped the intensity a bit by passing a medicine ball while holding the position.
How are you doing with the July Challenges?
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Share your pics, successes and comments here on our page!

Day 2 – R U IR? July Marriage Challenge

R U IR? July Challenge
Marriage Challenge
“Speak Your Spouse’s Love Language Every Day”

Have you taken the quiz yet? Click here, if not! In less than 5 minutes, you both can know how you best give and receive love.
This simple little July challenge will help make your relationship “better today than yesterday”!
Share your photos, results and thoughts here on our page.

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Day 1 – R U IR? July Fitness Challenge

Who’s up for a new challenge??
Planking last month (or this month- if you want to continue) and wall squats this month!
I did this after my exercise class today and my legs were quivering before one minute.
My goal is to increase each day.
Troy and I have also put together 4 other challenges here on our IR page. Would love for you to check ’em out, join in and share your photos, increases and thoughts on this.
Who’s in??

Trainer tip (from our trainer friend, Chana): focus on your lower abdominals, pulling your lower back to the wall. Distracts your brain and works multiple parts. You can also practice good posture by sitting shoulder blades pressed to the wall. You can also pick up weights and draw the alphabet (all time favorite).