Pucker Up, Buttercup

Some people like to talk about it. Some people just like to do it. I’m talking about kissing. If you are one of those who doesn’t talk about it or do it much… Stop. Take a deep breath. Read on. If you do like to talk about and do it… Stop. Smile. Read on.

Pucker Up, Buttercup

I must admit that I have never really been much of a kisser. I didn’t grow up being a touchy-feely kind of girl. And then…and then…I married a guy who thrives on physical touch. If he isn’t touched or kissed lots daily, then he doesn’t feel as loved as he could and should.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can easily succumb to the moment of kissing and I can definitely get into it. But it takes effort on my part to go out of my way to initiate a kiss.

Last night, Troy and I had a conversation where at one point I just leaned in and kissed him. He said to me while laughing, “Wait. You’re not a kisser!”. Au contraire, mon frere. I have learned over time that there are benefits and reasons to kiss.
Here are three:

Kissing keeps us healthy.
It has been scientifically proven that kissing lowers blood pressure, lowers the amount of stress and eliminates anxiety. When we have less amounts of stress and anxiety, our bodies can work more efficiently and in the way they are meant to work.

Kissing also encourages saliva production which actually helps to fight cavities. Good dental health and hygiene are important to your partner. Trust me.

These benefits impact our bodies more than we know. These positive impacts make us feel better.

Kissing keeps us attached.
This is two-fold. Kissing is a contact sport. So, yes we’re connected while engaging in it. In a greater sense, kissing is associated with an overall better relationship and also greater satisfaction within it. We enjoy kissing the person we love. We love the person we kiss. What comes around, goes around.

It’s been said that the act of kissing can actually help a person determine who is the best match for a partner. There’s a medical term for this: major histocompatibility complex. It’s quite a detailed process, but in a nutshell, this complex aids in mate selection. So when you feel all warm inside after kissing, chalk it up to your body knowing that you are biologically compatible with your partner.

SWAKing increases our PAKing.
If you’re +30-something years old, then you’ll probably remember writing a note, folding it up in some creative way and adding the acronym S.W.A.K. to the outside. S.W.A.K. – Sealed With A Kiss.

Kissing increases the production of oxytocin (aka: the love drug). When we kiss passionately (not the wet-lipped Granny kiss), our brain is flooded with oxytocin. This makes us feel really good inside.

Feeling good leads to doing good – for ourselves and for others. When we do good for others, we call this PAKing…Personal Acts of Kindness.

When we feel good, we do good. This is a natural progression. It’s just easier. Do you ever feel like going out of your way to do something good for another when you are feeling like junk? No. But it’s quite the opposite when you are feeling great and in a good mood. So, why not enhance your mood and those feelings of greatness more often? Get on with your S.W.A.K. so you can get on with your P.A.K.

These are just three of the reasons to plant a big one on your partner. I could list lots more, but do I really need to? Do it – if for no other reason than to show your love. What are you waiting for? Pucker up and seal it with a kiss!

Share with us your funniest kissing story. Braces stuck together? Missed her lips and kissed her ear? We want to know! Share below!

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