Slow Down Challenge – Day 2

Today was my third day of Jeff Goins’ “Slow Down Challenge”, but as I noted yesterday, today I worked on the task for day 2.

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Today’s task was to savor. Specifically, savor your food. And yesterday was simply not a day to savor my food.

By the time I read the task. I had already eaten my quick breakfast of a banana and a handful of nuts. I had already planned on eating leftovers for lunch while working because my workday was going to be shortened. We were headed to the Pacer’s game where my daughter was performing during the pregame activities. Due to the timing of the event, dinner was fast food during the drive.

Not exactly a day setup to savor my food.

However, Taryn and I have a standing lunch date on Fridays. We usually have sushi and there was no doubt in my mind I could savor that!

Oddly enough, we didn’t have sushi today. We went to another of our favorite restaurants. We shared lunch together and then we decided to do something that we rarely do. We ordered dessert.

A warm, gooey cookie with a big scoop of ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. Let me just say, It. Was. Good.

GC Big Cookie


I don’t know if it was because we typically don’t eat things like that or because I was trying to savor the food, but that cookie was good, really good.

But do you know what was even better? The fact that I savored the entire day. Maybe it was because I decided to take some of the day off. Maybe it was because I was thinking about savoring the food. Whatever the reason, spending the day with Taryn was great and I savored every minute of it.

We talked together. We ate together. We shopped together. We rode in the car together. We simply got to spend time alone together – something that hasn’t happened much recently.

Both of us are productive and busy people. And sometimes I think we forget that being busy and productive is not the goal. Being busy and productive is the means to a goal.

I like what Jeff said when he set this challenge up, “Something is lost when we get so busy and consumed with productivity that we find ourselves speeding through our days instead of savoring them.”

We need to slow down and focus on savoring life more and focus a little less on being productive. Sometimes getting things done can wait. Sometimes we need to sit back, be thankful, and savor the moments we’re given.

Question: What are you thankful for?  What moment did you savor today?  Share it with us in the comments section below.

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