The Slow Down Challenge by Jeff Goins

I’ve been very stressed out lately at work. Actually, it goes back about 3 months, but these past few weeks have really been taxing on me. If I’m honest about the situation, I’ve completely lost touch with reality. I’ve become a human doing as opposed to a human being. I’ve gotten to the point that I work like a robot trying to get tasks done, just cranking on the task list.

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That’s great for getting a lot of things done, but the problem with this is I miss life. I may be completing an obscene amount of work, but life is just passing by. There is no fulfillment, no joy, no family. Just work.

Interestingly, yesterday I was skimming through twitter and I came across something that Jeff Goins is doing. There were three reasons this was interesting:

  • The first thing that made it interesting is I’m almost never on twitter.
  • The second thing that made it interesting was the timing of what he’s doing with how stressed out I’ve been lately.
  • The third interesting thing was the title – “Slow Down Challenge”.

Slow down!?! What a concept! Sounds great, but can I really afford to? Do I really have the time to slow down?

The funny thing about the answers to those questions is I don’t have a choice. If I don’t slow down, eventually my body will shut down for me. It may be something minor like enough exhaustion that I literally can’t get out of bed (this has happened before). Or, it could be something major like a heart attack. Regardless of how it happens, if we don’t give our bodies a break, if we don’t slow down, our bodies will shut down for us.

So I decided I’ll give his Slow Down Challenge a shot. I’ll complete each daily challenge and share the experience with you here. So each day, for the next 5 days, you’ll see a new post in your inbox if you’re signed up to receive our blog.  Let’s see if this challenge can help me do just that – slow down a little bit.

My hope is that by sharing the experience it will help someone reading, maybe you’ll want to jump over to his site and read more, or maybe it’ll only help me. Either way, it can’t hurt.

Question: Do you need to slow down?  Do you often need a reminder to stop and smell the roses? What do you do to slow down?  Share your ideas with us in the comments section below.

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