Break the Routine

I met with someone today who is on the verge of something very exciting. She knows what she wants to do, but she’s not quite sure how to go about doing it yet. We talked for a long time, connected and had some really great conversation.
She’s going to break her routine and do some really exciting things with her life.
We have a saying around our house – “Decide to do it now – and figure it out later.”
Is your routine holding you back from doing something you’ve always wanted to do? Break the routine. Make the life you want.


Text her.

When was the last time you sent her a text? Does she know how beautiful you think she is and how thankful you are for her and all she does for you?
Text her now! (Even if you’ll be with her later.)

Text him.

When was the last time you sent him a text? And I don’t mean “Can you stop by the store on your way home for a gallon of milk?” but instead “I’m thinking of you. I love you. I can’t wait to be with you.”
Do it now! (Even if you’re sitting three feet from each other.)

The Truth About the Way You Look

70% of men admit they are “emotionally bothered” if their wives are out of shape and don’t make an effort to change.
What matters most to him is not that you shrink down to the size of your “honeymoon bikini”, but rather that you are making an effort daily.
What are you doing to take care of yourself for YOU and your husband?