Why You Need a Friend and Not a Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are all the rage right now. The awesome gadget allows you to attach your phone to a telescopic tube. When you extend the tube your phone will be several feet away from you, and it will completely remove your forearm from all of your selfies. What an novel idea!

In full disclosure, Taryn and I own a selfie stick, but we aren’t fans because using a selfie stick isn’t worth the things you give up by not using a selfie stick. Here’s a short list that compares the contrast between using a selfie stick and not using a selfie stick:

  • People with a selfie stick are constantly trying to frame the picture just right, trying to adjust the focus, and trying to make sure the lighting is right. People without a selfie stick have to ask a friend to take a picture. That friend can easily handle framing the picture, insuring the camera is in focus, and that the lighting is just right.
  • Parents and children with selfie sticks take their own pictures. Parents and children without selfie sticks have to interact with each other because they have to take pictures for each other.
  • People with selfie sticks can only move their camera 3 feet away. People without selfie sticks can ask a friend or someone nearby to take a picture for them. The friend can move as far away as necessary to get the perfect picture.
  • People with selfie sticks are less social and have fewer friends than people without selfie sticks because asking someone to take your picture teaches social skills, “Hi. Would you mind taking my picture?”.
  • People with selfie sticks spend $20. People without selfie sticks share experiences with other people.
  • Selfie sticks focus on the selfie stick user. If you don’t use a selfie stick, you might find yourself focusing on others.

Obviously, that list is very extreme and cynical. It’s meant to be that way to make you think. All kidding aside, even with all of the social media we have, our society is becoming less social. We are completely absorbed in our phones, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and video games. Are we going to stop? Probably not. We can recognize it and decide we aren’t going to be part of it. We can fully engage in those moments of life with our friends and family.

Pictures are great ways to capture moments. The trick is to create the moment first.

Here’s a link to the funny video that inspired this post.
Here’s a link to buy a selfie stick.

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